Vacant NL by Rietveld Landscape

Yesterday, we saw a blue foam architecture model at an uncommonly large scale; today is only slightly different. The blue foam models above reach an uncommon scale not by reaching up, but by reaching out in an expanse of blue. Created for the closed-as-of-last-week Venice Biennale, the project is called Vacant NL, and was commissioned by the Netherlands Architecture Institute and curated by Reitveld Landscape (a whole slew of folks worked on the project, including Jergen Bey.) The idea was to model every vacant building that the government owns in the Netherlands, as a way to draw attention to the ridiculous amount of vacant space. One vantage point doesn’t convey this message, so the designers built a thin grid of wires to support the models, allowing folks to walk below the models as well as seeing the tops of the models from a mezzanine. You can read/see more about it here here or here.


I really like the picture of the very clever exterior banner. I’m not exactly sure who designed it; but my best guess is Joost Grootens. Joost was the official graphic designer for the pavilion but his website doesn’t mention anything about it.

November 30, 2010