Blake Fili Suárez

Graphic designer and illustrator Blake Fili Suárez pretty much had me from the moment I cast my eyes on his yeti design for British band Fanfarlo. The icey colours and the incorporation of the mountains into the typography for the band name literally made me squeal with delight. And then there are his cosmically-detailed silver animal screen-prints – featuring a sloth, bear, hare and wolf – that are as beautiful as they are visually striking. His imagination designs, which appear in work for a number of commercial clients as well as in solo projects, possess graphic sophistication and just a hint of cuteness (without going into saccharine territory).

Suárez has recently launched the Left Over Shop – “a site for clients looking to buy quality and finished designs for shirts, posters, or other forms of product” – and has a self-published children’s book in the works. Do keep up to date with new developments via his site. Whatever Suárez has planned for the future I know it will be good.


November 30, 2010