A Model by Radim Louda

These two photos are both of architecture models… just at different scales: one big, one small. Both are made of blue foam, a common model-making material, but models aren’t commonly 20 feet long or tall enough to stand inside. A Model is a project by Radim Louda, who describes the project using a verbal flip-flop: “A Model is not the representation of a project, the representation is the project.” Typically, smaller models like the one at the top are made using a table-top hot wire cutter (which are really fun to use since the hot wire simultaneously cuts and melts the rigid blue foam like softened butter). So I’m wondering if the larger model was as fun to make as the smaller one. And if it wasn’t, was it because of the scale of the model or because of the fumes from melting foam.


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  1. rl January 6, 2011 at 5:20 AM

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for your interest.
    actually the real life scale model was fun to do too… the problem was that all the cutting work was done outside under rain and with the wind blowing ( there was a typhoon in Tokyo at that time). not simple with this small machine but anyway the team was motivated and the fume did its job well…

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