Gregor Calendar

At this time of year the online design community is inundated with holiday gift guides in which the calendar is a prominent feature. Before you start groaning and rolling your eyes I am not getting swept away with festive season mania (well not yet – I’m not making any promises for the future); however, I couldn’t resist sharing Patrick Frey’s calendar scarf for German design manufacturer Details products + ideas. Delightfully named Gregor, the scarf is designed to diminish with the days of the year. Although I am not sure I would have the heart to unravel the scarf, I do appreciate the concept behind the design:

Times are over where passed days and month were deleted or pulled down, because now there is Gregor the calendar scarf for the wall. Unpicking is the new thing to do. Gregor is a knitted Calendar, where you can do all day long what was forbidden for a long time, to unpick stitch by stitch until the year is over!

More details on Gregor can be found here.



November 26, 2010