Spaces by Frankie Magazine

One of my guilty pleasures is peeking around other people’s homes. Now – don’t be too disturbed – I don’t break in and dance to “California Dreamin'” in the style of Faye Wong in Chungking Express (1994), but I am always very quick to ask for a tour when I am first invited to a friend’s place. You have to admit that you can learn quite a bit about someone’s personality by looking at the objects that are displayed in their abode. The books, CDs, artwork, and home wares scattered around may or may not be conscious choices, but they are revealing all the same.

The folk at Frankie Magazine obviously share this fetish. For their latest side project, Spaces: Where Creative People Live, Work and Play, they have teamed up with a talented gaggle of photographers and writers to produce a weighty mook (magazine/book hybrid) dedicated to capturing inspiring spaces around the world. The mook journeys all the way from Frankie’s native Australia to Germany, London, Brooklyn and everywhere in between. Covering both public and private spheres, Spaces explores cafes and shops, as well as the creative dwellings and work studios of people such as Rob Ryan and Donna Wilson. Both well-written and beautifully photographed, Spaces offers a lovely insight into the details and idiosyncrasies of diverse creative environments. A definite must for interior design junkies and lovers of photography.

If you’re keen to see more, there are a few extra images after the jump. For more information, including stockists and ordering options, pop by here.


November 24, 2010