Meadowbrook residence by Atherton | Keener

These photos are of the Meadowbrook Residence featured in the December/January issue of Dwell. Designed by the two guys in the lower picture, the house is in sunny and scorching Phoenix… which is one reason why I keep clicking through the slideshow: I’m trying to find were all the air conditioning is hiding. Also, the photos by Ye Rin Mok are fun to look at.

Before completing the bright, white house they designed together, Atherton and Keener lived in a storage unit. What’s crazier is that they built the house they now live in and work from themselves; Keener just happens to be a professional carpenter. Oh, and they met at architecture school, which may explain why they both appreciate a degree of minimalism that borders on severe. As Atherton describes:

“Our friends know that this house lacks a certain amount of comfort, but everyone adapts to what it does have. When people come over to eat, we usually sit on the floor—–we keep it really clean—–or outside. We’ve all adapted to what it means to not have a dining table. We don’t have a couch. It can be a bit of a problem. Like when we have our girlfriends over it’s hard to make them just sit on the floor or on a chair. And it’s very presumptuous to have the bed as the main piece of furniture in the house. One of the nice things about having a girlfriend is, she has a couch at home.”


November 23, 2010