Geoff McFetridge and Chris Johanson Team Up With The Standard To Keep You Warm This Winter

Oh man I’m smitten. Two of my favorite artists Geoff McFetridge and Chris Johanson, have teamed up with The Standard Hotel and Pendleton to create the beautiful blankets you see above. The blankets come in two sizes, a queen and king, and are made of of 82% pure virgin wool and 18% cotton in Oregon by Pendleton. They also come in editions of 40, which means they’re probably going to be sold out in 4.2 seconds. I already bought myself one the queen sized Geoff McFetridge blanket, I can’t wait to roll around on it. I’ll definitely be using this blanket all the time because I’ve decided that I don’t like comforters anymore and I want stacks of blankets all over me.

Click here for the Geoff McFetridge blanket.
Click here for the Chris Johanson blanket.


November 23, 2010