Intelligence Squared U.S.

This isn’t exactly music monday material, but think of it as another option to listen to while completing tasks that require more hands than brains: oxford-style debating from Intelligence Squared. Ok, Ok, stay with me. I listened to one of these debates this past weekend centering around a proposition that “the art market is less ethical than the stock market” and since I like art, I wanted the art market to be ethical… but then I learned more about the art market (while listening to some pretty funny back-and-forth between the panelists, including artist Chuck Close, collector Richard Feigen, critic Jerry Saltz, and others.) The audience is polled before and after the debate to determine the winner.

Most of the debates center around political propositions, especially the free U.S. version, but the original, un-free version from the U.K. features more debates surrounding design such as: Fashion Maketh Woman, Modern Architecture is all Glass and Carbuncles, Real Artists Work in Advertising or Palladio versus Ruskin. Actually, after writing Palladio versus Ruskin, I can’t blame anyone for preferring to listen to music.


November 22, 2010