Who’s Got A Bottle Opener?!

I’m unfortunately one of those people who’s always looking for a bottle opener. Whenever I’m out drinking somewhere I’m somehow always looking for a dude with a lighter who can do that cool trick to open the bottle. Last night I was working late at Myspace and we were having beers, and of course, no one had a bottle opener. So I asked my Twitter friends what bottle openers they suggest and got some pretty great answers.

My favorite of the bunch is the top bottle opener from CXXVI, which is actually meant to be worn as a necklace. I’m not much of a necklace dude but I think this would be perfect to rock on my keychain. It’s made of hand-forged steel, is about 2-3/4″ long and their site says it should get a nice patina the older it gets but won’t rust. The only catch for some people is that it’s a bit pricey, but the way I see it is that you’d buy this bottle opener once and never need another one.

The other two that were suggested that I was into was the “Beverage Wrench” from Draplin and the SUCK UK’s Key Bottle Opener. You can’t beat Draplin price and style as this puppy runs you the staggering price of $3. Definitely good for those of you who easily lose things. The SUCK UK one is cute but I think it’s a bit too long and kinda dainty for my taste (that’s what she said). It’s only about $15 bucks though so it won’t break the bank either.


November 19, 2010