Space Suit of the Week

This is a sad one.

The technological marvel of space travel can easily compel us past the murky bits that distract from sheer cosmic amazement. But the accomplishments of space agencies are built on graveyards of brave and curious people; people with families and loved ones who can’t look at the moon anymore without seeing through microscopic particles they used to know. On the big and small screen, it’s a pretty common device to learn of bad news through the reaction of a spouse or loved one to unexpected visitors; but I’ve never thought about the looks on the faces of folks who watched space travel go wrong. The music video for “Yulia” by Wolf Parade is about such reactions.

The video is sad, but powerful in a way that lends credit to Director Scott Coffey, who makes a cameo as cosmonaut #3. I really like this video, but did I mention that it’s sad?


November 19, 2010