Sandra Juto

The titles “freelance illustrator”, “graphic designer” and “artist” are inadequate to cover the variety of mediums in which Swedish creative Sandra Juto successfully dabbles. Her beautiful photographs of walks through Gothenberg, morning coffees and small gatherings fill the archives of her blog. She is an expert crocheter and produces little gentlemen known as the “buttcrack characters”, which sell out very quickly from her shop. Not to mention her wrist worms that are designed to look good while also keeping your wrists toasty on frosty days. When asked in an interview with hunt / gather why she traverses so many varied mediums, this was her simple reply: “I’m always searching for more.”

Frankly, I’m pleased that this is the case. Her work is fresh, bold and exciting, constantly moving in different directions but maintaining a unique and slightly quirky aesthetic.


November 19, 2010