‘Daybreak’, A New Exhibition from Cleon Peterson

The incredible Cleon Peterson has a new exhibit opening up tomorrow night at New Image Art and it’s looking pretty interesting. Cleon is known for his hyper-violent pieces and his bright vibrant colors, so it’s cool to see the flyer is a black and white image and almost has an ancient Greek urn sort of feeling to it. From the press release:

The exhibition draws inspiration and its title from Nietzsche’s Daybreak: Reflections on Moral Prejudices. Like Nietzsche, Peterson presents a world in which contrasting schemes of morality result in eruptive hostility between social classes. In Nietzsche’s work, this dichotomy is described as master-slave morality: the tension between an overclass that values pride, wealth and strength and an underclass that values humility, piety and restraint. While Nietzsche claims that the people of the underclass choose this morality to soothe the cognitive dissonance of hegemony, Peterson’s ” DAYBREAK” insinuates that through violence they are breaking free not only from their oppressors but an oppressive morality as well. This role reversal, however, creates an interesting dilemma: when a revolt upends the power structure, which sides do virtue and vice end up on? Can either class be considered virtuous if they literally beat the other to death with morals?

I’ll definitely be there tomorrow night snapping photos for a post, see if I can talk to Cleon and ask him about the work and his changing style. If you’re in LA this weekend be sure to stop by.


November 19, 2010