A Night of Tim Biskup and Fiat

Yesterday I got a text from Tim Biskup asking me if I’d like to go the grand opening of the first Fiat showroom in North America. That entire sentence in-my-opinion is completely ridiculous, so of course I said yes and brought Kyle along with me. It ended up being a really crazy event for many reasons. First, it was basically a black tie event with older men and women in fancy looking suits and dresses. Kyle and I on the other hand wore red plaid (yes the both of us, not on purpose) and we may have also been some of the youngest people there. When we ran into Tim he was actually hanging out with Brian Bell from Weezer, which was random and funny as well. Turns out Tim was there painting the hood of one of the Fiat’s as a part of a promotional campaign the company is doing. The car will be travelling around the country and other artists and creative types will be adding to it.

It’s always fun to hang out with Tim but it was even better getting to watch him work. I’ve known Tim’s work for at least 10 years now so it was a real treat to see him working in person. He’s truly an amazing painter who has an amazing amount of control when he works. He’s able to paint a perfect circle, which I thought was pretty impressive. I even got to learn little details like how he adds blue and red to black to give it life because without it the black is too grey.

All in all it was a pretty great night. Mozza catered the event so we ate lots of yummy meats and cheeses and drank a ton of Prosecco. We even got to see Robin Thicke perform Lil Wayne’s A Milli on the roof… it was just one of those nights.

Update: Tim sent me an image of the finished car, it turned out pretty amazing, don’t you think?


November 17, 2010