Tiffany Bozic

If you’re secretly, or not-so-secretly, a Biology nerd, you’ll hopefully enjoy the work of Bay-Area artist Tiffany Bozic. Her work is currently on view in New York in a solo exhibition titled Confiding to Strangers. She’s young for her accolades, including her being one of the first artists in the California Academy of Sciences’ Artists in Residence program, where she worked alongside Dr. Rich Moo studying marine invertebrates. Her work in the current exhibition is more terrestrial, featuring many paintings that parallel complex emotions with relationships observed in other species; as she describes it: “Each painting is about the intimate struggles we share with other living creatures.” Fecal Face has some audio visual delights from a visit to her studio in Oakland before the paintings were shipped to New York.

Bozic is originally from Russellville, Arkansas,where she grew up on a goat farm. She  has evolved her own painting technique as a self-taught artist working with thin layers of acrylic on maple panels. She met her ornithologist husband while researching–what else?– birds. There are many interviews with her floating around the internets, but this one is my favorite.


November 16, 2010