Kyu Hwang

Some of you may remember the illustrative work of Kyu Hwang as featured in this post on the Ten Minutes project; however, I decided that Hwang’s fine and detailed drawings deserved a post of their own. Predominantly employing a monochromatic palette, there is a delicate moodiness in his illustrations that is undercut by a rather wry sense of humour. There is also something slightly surreal and odd about the people that pop up in work, but that merely makes his drawings all the more appealing. I particularly like the way that he frames the subjects of his illustrations with “dead space”, seemingly gesturing towards a sense of isolation, both beautiful and strange. It seems to me that the recurring motif of clouds is extremely appropriate, as Hwang’s drawing definitely evoke the atmosphere of head-in-the-clouds dreaminess.

Hwang also curates a wonderful blog in which he shares his passion for art, coffee and bicycles, among other things. Also look out for his new portfolio, which is coming soon.


November 15, 2010