The Sandwich Movie by Sean Christensen

The Sandwich Movie is a short, animated documentary created by Sean Christensen about a “very important” sandwich his older sister┬ámade early one morning before he flew to Europe with the Phoenix Boys Choir in 1997. It’s short, and not exactly groundbreaking, but exploits how small things, like a crappy sandwich, can tell a larger story. It could be the prologue in an episode of This American Life about uneaten meals or something. Have they made an episode about that yet? ┬áThe movie also reminds me of the many terrible lunches my older sisters made for me when I was in elementary school. “I wonder what’s for lunch today? Oh great! it’s a twinkie and an orange again!”

A few things things to like about The Sandwich Movie: (1) it is narrated by the sandwich’s creator, Courtney Christensen. (2) If you comment on the video’s vimeo page, Sean will probably respond to you. (3) The animation seems nostalgic, resembling the kinds of cartoons Sean grew up watching (However, Sean is new to animation: “I am just starting animation, so I wanted to create something that would play to my skill set at the time. So that meant, basic movement, low frame-rate, more of a POP-POP-POP things appearing, rather than moving.”)


November 11, 2010