Cook & Book

I love bookstores. Just spending a few minutes in one provides me with a tremendous sense of well-being. I also love to eat; however, many of the book cafes around my way are tacky, little holes in the wall where the nibbles look about as appetising as the mould growing between the pages of the unloved books. Enter Cook & Book – a supermarket-sized bookstore in Brussels that also features dining spaces and oozes sophistication.

Brought to life by interior architects Delacroix & Friant, the space is divided into eight themed sections: comics, children’s books, travel, fine arts, music, lifestyle, cooking, literature and English-language books. And, boy, have they gone to town with recreating the details of the theme of each space. Taking the act of perusing books to a whole new level, there is a grand piano in the music portion, a chrome caravan in the travel division and all manner of foodstuffs in the cooking section.

And the menu? Hot goat’s milk cheese salad, vanilla-flavoured tomatoes and acacia honey? Why, don’t mind if I do. In short, Cook & Book is pretty much the bookstore of my dreams. Just don’t get any crumbs on the books, please.



November 10, 2010