Penfield Teams Up with Rag & Bone

It’s gotten a bit cooler here in L.A. which makes me want to start bundling up… although it’s definitely not cold enough to do so. Then I see jackets like this collaboration between Penfield and Rag & Bone and then I really crave some legit cold weather. The Mallory jacket, which is based on Pnefield’s Rockford jacket, comes in black and khaki and is made of thornproof wool (intense) and has a plaid lining. I feel like you would never ever be cold in a jacket like this, ever. It’s so thick and puffy that the wind could never get you. You’ll only find these in Rag & Bone stores or in other fancy shops, but I think this is one of those jackets that would be a great investment for many winters.


November 9, 2010