New from Pogo: Wishery + Crimson

Fans of Pogo, the young and talented Aussie who remixes movie sounds into strange and wonderfully ambient tracks, will be excited to learn about his latest music videos: Wishery and Crimson. Wishery uses audio and video from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, while Crimson uses source material that is over seventy years newer: the television series Dexter.

Pogo has been featured on +KN before here, here and here. This October, his year-long contract with Walt Disney Animation Studios ended, and the videos that initially brought attention to his work were pronounced un-illegal and made available once again. Nick has expressed conflict about whether he wants to pursue a professional music career or not– which seems insane for someone as talented as he is. But if he keeps making these videos because he’s passionate about them, and not because he depends on them for food, who are we to judge?


November 8, 2010