Fuck Yeah Menswear

Late last night I had a vision.

A world with no blogs.

No Tumblr.

No Twitter.

Not even fucking elbow patches.

It was horrible…

I awoke in a panic.

My APC manjamas soaked in sweat.

Oh, the existential horror of being stylish!

Although floral maxi dresses, dangly earrings and anything beige make me recoil in disgust, I am not all that qualified to espouse the true angst of a fashionista. That is solely the domain for women who can afford Chanel ballet slippers and who, unlike me, do not merely look at them with a combined expression of lust and madness. Little did I know that the perils of possessing poise, sophistication and panache also kept men up at night. For this juicy piece of information I have the suave Fuck Yeah Menswear tumblr to thank.

Showcasing some of the more fashionably-aware men from around the globe, the blog reads like beatnik poetry in its syncopated rhythms and subversive prose. I must admit that – having never dated a man who knows anything about how to dress well – I am rather impressed with the outfits, but it is the narrative behind each image that really hits the spot. Whether you use it as a fashion guide or for a sneaky chuckle, Fuck Yeah Menswear is a fantastic mix of hilarity, intelligence, style and cheekiness.


November 5, 2010