What makes things popular and cool these days? Is it when you see something on TV or hear about it from your friends? Or maybe you read something on a blog or run across a headline on Twitter. No matter where you find an idea it’s got to start somewhere, most likely with an influencer. As Jeff Staple says in the video above, an influencer is “somebody that other people listen to and react to. So they listen to what they say, they have a certain amount of trust in what they say, and they react to it.”

The video above speaks to a number of New Yorkers who are influencers, who not only know what’s going to become col but also make it cool. I personally found the video really exciting because, in a way, this is sort of how I see myself. I try to share interesting things with you every day, introducing ideas, music, design and art to make your day a little brighter.


November 4, 2010