‘Be Linen’

The videos I’m posting today have this very PBS sort of vibe to them. Very informative, especially in realms that directly influence or relate to me though I may never have thought in depth about them. The video above, Be Linen, is directed by Benoit Millot for the Linen and Hemp Community and gives an in-depth look at how linen is created. Linen. Like, I’ve never thought about how a linen table cloth was made, I just assumed they were cotton and didn’t think much more about it. Linen is actually derived from flax seeds which are left out and then start looking like human hair… I’m not even joking.

Not only is the video informative it’s also extremely well done. The cinematography is impeccable all throughout with lots of deep focus shots that really, well, focus your attention on the tiniest details. Definitely watch the video in full screen mode. Also pay attention to the iconography and typography which was given just as much attention, as you can see in the stills above. The video is 13 and half minutes long and I had to watch it twice in a row to soak everything in.


November 4, 2010