JanSport Teams Up With Barney’s on Backpacks

I’ve been really impressed lately with JanSport’s push into making better looking products, and clearly Barney’s agrees. I have to share this snippet from the PR release because I thought it was funny, but the PR release describes them in a hysterical way:

“These colors are reminiscent of JanSport’s rich heritage and are on trend with cutting-edge colors for the holiday.”

So many silly buzz words. But nonetheless I think both of these bags are really rad. The duffel bag would be great as a weekender bag if you were heading somewhere for short trips. The backpack though would be really great for those of you who are in high school or college and need something sturdier for the winter. The grey plaid pattern is really solid as well, especially paired with the brown, and the sturdy zippers seem like they’d keep your stuff safe.


November 3, 2010