Reader Survey Results

In the next few weeks there are going to be a lot of really big changes going on here at Kitsune Noir. Uh oh, change! How scary! Well I promise these changes are going to be extremely positive and will help the site be better prepared for the next few years. As a part of these changes I recently released a survey through Twitter asking you the reader several questions, the two important ones being what do you like about the site and what would you change. I knew what some of the answers would be but I also learned a lot from your responses.

I’ve begun to think of Kitsune Noir less as a blog and more like website, and beyond that a town. Now bear with me here, but more or less I’m the mayor of this town and you the reader are a townsperson. When I started this site is was for me, the things that I wanted to share and an outlet for my creativity. But now there are a whole lot of readers out there who have expectations of what this site, or better yet town, should be. So to keep the townspeople happy I’ve asked your opinion and you’ve given it to me. What proceeds is a list of things I’ll be doing to better serve you.

• Bring Back Mixcasts and Mixtapes
This one is a no brainer. I get it, you all love the mixes and I’m glad you do. The problem is they take time, roughly a day, so it can be different. Here’s what I propose: I’ll continue to do the Mixcast weekly, releasing them every Monday. As for the Mixtapes they will be curated by me and created by creative people from around the world. It’s funny, I made the distinction a while back that I made Mixcasts and other people made Mixtapes, that’s what the difference is. The funniest part is I never bothered to share that with you.

• Make The Desktop Wallpaper Project Weekly Again
This one is the other no brainer. You want a new wallpaper every Wednesday when you wake up without fail. This is easier said than done. People are flaky, finding new talent can be time consuming… but whatever, those are excuses. You’ll be seeing brand new wallpapers in the next few weeks including a GIANT new project which is going to expand into a new series of wallpapers. I know I mentioned at some point that I was bored by the wallpapers. Well, I figured out how to make them exciting for me yet again, which in turn should make you excited as well.

• Bring Back Comments
Some of you already know this but I never took away comments from the site… only hid them, slightly. If you click a title of a post you’ll see at the bottom the comments are still intact. The fact is though that a lot of times I get frustrated by people’s lack of respect. On the flip side there are those of you who honestly do like to leave feedback and I want to respect that. So I’ll be returning the comment link to the individual posts in due time, though I’m still going to delete comments that don’t add anything conversational in nature. You don’t ever have to agree with me, but at least make a good point.

• More Community Based Projects
A lot of you really like being able to participate in a project, something like creating a desktop wallpaper based around a theme, for example. I really like these as well, they just take a bit of management and as stated before, that can be tough. I have some interesting ideas for some community projects that I’ll be announcing in a few weeks.

• Post More Music
Done and done. As you’ve seen from today I went a bit crazy with music related things. I’ll try to post more throughout the week as well, even if it’s just a song in my head.

• Less Angry Rants
People piss me off, what can I say? I’ll do better about not ranting on here or Twitter.

• Spell Check More Frequently
I can’t make any promises on this one, but I’ll do my best for all you English-y type people. Man, it was hard not to make a spelling error on purpose somewhere in there.

I think this is a reasonably long enough list/post, so I’ll wrap it up. The one thing to remember is even though I’m taking your suggestions I’m still sticking with my gut and doing what I like doing, which is why this blog is successful today. This will be the blog you enjoy reading, just a little bit better.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.


November 2, 2010