Kharma NYC T-shirts

It’s a matter of fact: I’m not big on graphic tees. I was going through a period where I was against them all, it was nothing but plain tees for me. But recently I’ve been having a love affair with t-shirts that are subdued and simple with their graphics or colors, or perhaps aren’t advertising some major brand. Case in point I got an email from the folks over at Kharma NYC wondering if I’d be interested in getting a couple of their shirts. Curious, I clicked through to their site and found that their shirts existed for a good reason, and had an immense creative force behind them as well.

They’ve gotten nine artists, Grandpeople, Mario Hugo, Emil Kozak, Keetra Dean Dixon, Non-Format, Gary Fernandez, Marta Cerda Alimbau, D.Kele and No Patternto create t-shirts, 40% of the proceeds going to a charity of their choosing. Is this is a groundbreaking new idea? No, but it’s definitely worthy nonetheless, especially when they’ve got such great graphics on them. To be honest, I wear the shirt you see above on the left by Grandpeople quite often. The saying on the front, “La beauté est dans la rue” translates to “The Beauty is in the Street”, and the proceeds of their shirt go to The International Bicycle Fund, which tries to educate people about bike riding and motivate them to ride their bikes.

Definitely a great cause, you can check out the rest of the designs here.


November 2, 2010