Charmaine Olivia

If I could magically appropriate any skill it would be the ability to draw. I spend most of my days staring longingly at art and, on the few occasions where I have seen an artist or illustrator in the process of creating something, I can’t help but feel a mixture of extreme wonderment and jealousy. So when I read that San Francisco-based artist Charmaine Olivia is self-taught, I was more than a little awe-inspired/envious. With an impressive collection of clients and projects under her belt, Olivia’s work has an enchanting quality that generally focuses on female subjectivity and beautifully utilises nautical imagery and nature motifs. Initially drawing with soy sauce and using paper napkins as her makeshift canvasses, it’s clear that – although Olivia’s artistic materials have become more sophisticated – her playful sense of imagination has remained.

See more of Olivia’s divine work on her blog and shop.


November 2, 2010