The Music of Harold Budd

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I was sitting in the car yesterday listening to the radio, a rare occasion, but it paid off as I found out about this fella’ named Harold Budd. I’d never heard of Harold before yesterday but it sounds like he’s had an amazing career. Here’s a snip from his Wikipedia page:

Harold Budd (born May 24, 1936) is an American ambient/avant-garde composer and poet. Born in Los Angeles, California, he was raised in the Mojave Desert, and was inspired at an early age by the humming tone caused by wind blown across telephone wires.

The song I heard is called Bismillahi ‘Rrahman ‘Rrahim (which in Arabic means “In The Name of God, The Beneficent, The Merciful”) from his album The Pavilion of Dreams which came out in 1978. It’s a 4 track, ambient album that was actually produced by Brian Eno, who will be making an appearance on the blog later today. It’s an 18 minute ambient journey that’s somewhere between jazz and experimental electronic music. If you have the need to chill out and relax a bit you should definitely take a listen.


November 1, 2010