Limited Edition ‘Small Craft on a Milk Sea’ by Brian Eno

Earlier today when I wrote about Harold Budd I also briefly mentioned that Brian Eno produced his album Pavilion of Dreams and that I’d be speaking more about Mr. Eno. Well thanks to my homies over at Warp Records I’ve been given a sneak peek of the packaging for the limited edition box set release of his album Small Craft on a Milk Sea. This release is totally crazy as it has two vinyl records, a CD a 12″ lithograph print and a digital version of the album as well.

I love the immense amount of work and care that went into this packaging. It’s a bit hard to figure out at first but they’ve created a box with three different “booklets”. One booklet contains the records, one the CDs and the final the print. I love the details of the spot varnish on the CD casing and the CDs themselves. I’ve posted some more photos of Brian working on the prints and some examples of the prints as well. All told he created 250 limited edition prints and I’ve posted 7 of them under the cut.


November 1, 2010