Eight from Etsy: Movember Edition

For me, the moustache brings to mind a number of different images: French men with berets, Charlie Chaplin and 1970s porn stars of the “I’ve come to clean your pool” variety. This particular type of facial hair is quite often the subject of parody and derision: men with moustaches can be fobbed off as naff hipsters or slimy used-car salesmen, while women will undergo severe and acute pain to have the slightest hint of hair above the top lip removed. However, Etsy is overflowing with items that reveal a fetishistic, and unsurprisingly cute, devotion to the moustache. Given that we are now at the start of Movember I thought it timely to round up a selection of the best design tributes to the good old mo.

Editors Note: As Brian said in the comments it’s important to remember the point of Movember is to raise money for Livestrong and the Prostate Cancer Research Fund. Be sure to visit Movember.com to help in any way you can.

A Field Guide to TypestachesOld Tom Foolery

I must admit that I got more than a little excited when I saw this clever meshing of facial hair and typography. It’s simple, elegant and cheeky.

Whimsy Wooden Mustache NecklacePeeping Tomasina

Apparently this tasty little necklace was “hand crafted by lumber jacks deep in the wilderness, the edges of each piece charred over raging campfires.” If you read further, however, the seller writes that this is a lie. Nevertheless, I will choose to believe it.

Mustache Cards (Set of Four)Small Caps

I am a sucker for all things à la française, so these cards naturally struck a chord with me. You have to admit that there is something perfect about the pairing of moustaches and the French language. Mais oui!

Retro Moustache Tote BagPaisley Magic

An ode to the strange styles of facial hair in bygone years, this tote is undoubtedly for those who believe that just one moustache is not enough.

I’m Not a Hipster, I Just Dress Like One (Male Version) Print IllustrationNan Lawson Illustration

To which my response would be, “Are you sure?”

Fancy Moustache PinsYummy Pocket

If you would like to grow a moustache, but are unwilling to make a long-term commitment, then I propose that these pins may be the next best option. They’re also good for ladies who want a bit of ‘tache action.

Little Mustache Sticks (Style 04)Goldylocks

We’ve all seen plenty of moustache-on-a-stick paraphenalia, but did you know that you can also buy them for your freshly-baked batch of cupcakes? This falls into the category of things that you don’t necessarily need, but irrationally want.

Marvellous Mustache Men’s Organic Cotton TeePaired Hearts

Openly proclaim your moustache love on a tee. Let the world know!

Happy Movember everybody!


November 1, 2010