Loop City Film by BIG

This video starts in 1947, when Danish Urban Planners traced a giant hand over a map of Copenhagen and the Finger Plan was born: each digit becoming a means of connecting the city to the suburbs. Fifty years after someone felt up the map, BIG has introduced a plan for the next fifty years: LOOP City.  LOOP City develops around a future rail line and addresses some of the biggest challenges facing CPH by combining this infrastructure with architectural programming. Bjarke Ingels (founder of BIG) talks about LOOP City briefly here, and longer here.

Even if Danish Urban Planning doesn’t get you too excited, the animation is great: projected on two perpendicular walls with a 3-D bridge form connecting the two. If you have trouble reading the bubbles, try watching these versions of the video, which BIG created with help from Kollision and Cavi.


October 28, 2010