Nina Lindgren

It was love at first click when I happened upon the portfolio of Swedish artist Nina Lindgren. Overflowing with lovely illustrations and other pieces, Lindgren’s work is inspired by “things inside and surrounding.” From her amazing architectural structures made from cardboard to her imagery of nature, Lindgren’s work has an almost mythical quality that is mediated through the everyday. Addressing her creative approach, Lindgren made the following statement:

I search for sudden glimpses of unreality: preferably unforeseen and unpredictable to make virtual both real and pretend. If I draw a house balancing on one tiny piece of plank it will never fall, unless I want it to. In these own worlds you are the one to decide what reality is and what to be part of another’s consciousness.

In my opinion, the subdued palette and special details utilised to construct her imaginary worlds are just begging for further exploration.

Lindgren also has a rather wonderful blog that I recommend you check out.


October 27, 2010