Space Suit of the Week

It’s not exactly a space suit, per se… but this Metal Diving Suit from 1938 addresses the issues that space suits do; things like pressure, movement, and how to do stuff outside the suit.  I still haven’t come across any space suits with a claw and a pulley (?!) for hands, but I’ll keep searching. From the source, a description:

“FITTED with ball bearing knuckle joints, which provide mobility for the wearer, a new all-metal diving suit is said to enable a diver to descend to a depth of 1,200 feet. The suit eliminates the need for air lines, having a specially designed built-in air tank. Hand-operated grappling irons are a feature of the suit.”

Also, I wanted to bring your attention to a contest hosted by NASA and Etsy: if you make the best art (in one of three categories,) you could “receive a $500 Etsy shopping spree and an all-expenses-paid trip with a guest to attend the shuttle launch.” As in, the last shuttle launch. This is a crazy exciting contest, and I sincerely hope a reader will enter and win one of the prizes.  You can do it!


October 22, 2010