Love Land Invaders

I can’t help but imagine that if Richard Kern and Takashi Murakami had a love child it would look something like the characters in Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace’s Love Land Invaders project. Set in Tokyo’s hyper-kitsch and fantastical love hotels, Lagoi and Lace have used the crazy environment as a springboard to explore an aesthetic that they refer to as “luxurious pop.”

Not only conceptualising the project, Lagoi and Lace also designed, styled, undertook the art direction, modelling and photography of Love Land Invaders. The effect is a pop-tinged play on kabuki that uses colour, sculptural elements and setting to create an otherwordly space. I could imagine Lady Gaga feeling quite at home in this avant-garde imagery, which plays with perversion, sensuality and abstractness.


October 22, 2010