Light Lining the IAC by Seeper

Created by Seeper for the Vimeo Festival and Awards, this projection maps and manipulates the appearance of the IAC Building in west Chelsea. I’m a sucker for projections that animate the surface of buildings, and this video is no exception. The ICA building was designed by Frank Gehry, and features a curved, gradated glass exterior that’s unique to this project. The massing may make it seem like a less-than-perfect canvas, but Seeper has developed a way to project their crazy animations on the compound curves, nooks and crannies of complex geometries.

I’m not sure buildings want to move, but designers and architects seem hell-bent on animating traditionally static structures– if not in three dimensions, at least in two. It’s not a new idea, but now the economics of projection media are enabling building-scale animations to pop up all over the place, even as graffiti.


October 21, 2010