Justin Lee Williams

This morning, while waiting for the bus, I was absentmindedly flicking through the latest Frankie magazine when I came across the striking image of a mysterious and dashing man sitting in a wild garden. The accompanying print stated that the gentleman in question is Justin Lee Williams and that he is an artist. This, of course, peeked my interest: surely a man this dapper would also produce amazing artworks?

Well, yes…otherwise I wouldn’t be so keen to share them with you. Aiming to capture “moments between time,” the Melbourne-based artist paints scenes that are infused with a haunting sense of ambiguity. There is something about the way he applies paint to canvas that I find really beautiful, especially the drips of bleeding paint and the evocatively smudged details. There is a real tension between light and dark motifs that lends his work a very eerie, and yet engaging, tone. I, for one, could not stop looking at them.


October 20, 2010