‘Write About Love’ by Belle & Sebastian

If somehow you’ve beent trapped under a rock you may not have realized that Belle & Sebastian released a new album last week called Write About Love. It’s been 4 years since their last one and honestly, my favorite since 2000’s Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant. With their last couple albums it felt like they tried to add a pop sensibility but it mixed oddly with the sad and melancholy sound of previous albums. In my opinion, it just didn’t work. But with this new album it sounds like they’ve actually made a pop album, one which was inspired the sounds of the late 60’s and early 70’s. There are guest vocalists like Norah Jones and acctress Carey Mulligan who you might remember from An Education.

The video above is a funny video in which they play a couple of songs, answer some fans questions, talk with other bands about what they think of the music industry and more. If you don’t have time to actually watch it I suggest putting on your headphones and leaving it on in the background.


October 18, 2010