Maria Gil Ulldemolins

Irrespective of the amount of enthusiasm, time and perseverance I have dedicated to trying to style my hair, I have never really surpassed a simple ponytail. My plaits are wonky, my buns are always falling out and I can’t braid to save my life. I doubt that Spanish illustrator Maria Gil Ulldemolins has this problem. Committing gorgeously intricate representations of perfect up-dos to paper, her Hair Illustrations are the visual representation of my hair dreams. I particlarly love the fine details of the strands of hair and the simple monochrome palette.

If you also have issues with your hair – or perhaps a fetish – Ulldemolins has a selection of her hair illustrations available to purchase in her shop.  I think I might just have to get one – it is definitely the closest that someone such as myself will get to a chignon.


October 18, 2010