Less is More

After sitting through years of design reviews, I’ve heard some phrases or words so often that I don’t know what they mean anymore. Among the exhausted words and phrases are things like “interesting,” “flow,” and “less is more.” Mies’ architectural aphorism doesn’t become more clear after it has been subverted by folks like Robert Venturi (Less is a Bore) or Bjarke Ingels (Yes is More). But Lebbeus Woods has rephrased the quote here and added few paragraphs that describe larger, politically-charged goals of modern architects that you may not have considered.

Woods uses photos taken by Corine Vermeulen to illustrate that “less is more” is really an appeal to create spaces that are platforms for personalized interiors instead of cold boxes devoid of personality. The photos were featured in a New York Times story, and it’s amazing to see how less really has allowed for more of a variety in the interiors than the exterior suggests.


Anyone know where I can get those socks?

October 18, 2010