Space Suit of the Week

This week’s Space Suit could easily be confused with a clown suit thanks to Remi Gaillard: the French brother of Tom Foolery. Remi, apparently, loves to interrupt people with short tempers. It’s surprising how quickly and easily irate these golfers get. Is this normal for golfers…to try and strike down with clubs anything that interrupts their golf game? I would be delighted if someone interrupted my life wearing a space suit and bouncy shoes.

What the golfers may not know is that American Astronaut Alan Shepard knocked around some balls on the moon during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971. His first swing didn’t go so well since Space Suits are designed to keep folks from dying in the vacuum of space more than they are intended to help folks “follow through at the hips” so Shepard had to golf with one hand, which is awkward. Somewhere on the moon the golf balls he launched using a modified shovel are still patiently waiting for someone to pull them out of the dust and pick up a game; heaven forbid that game be interrupted by some prankster planting flags.

Can you imagine how far someone could throw things at people if they were on the moon?


Big thanks to Rae from Canada for suggesting the video this week, and big thanks to her little brother for sharing the video with Rae’s family during Canadian Thanksgiving which happened this past Monday.

October 15, 2010