I love it when a new iPhone app comes out of left field and suddenly I’m using it all the time. That’s how I’ve felt about this new app called Instagram, which is a unique, social photo experience. It’s easy to use, you take a photo or choose a photo from your phone, add a filter (there are 11 to choose from) and then you can optionally add a title, location and even choose to share it through your other networks like Facebook or Twitter. It’s a simple idea but so far it’s become a way to share the artsy photos I take. Why is it different? Because you follow people that interest you and you’re all doing the very same thing. Its limited scope actually make it more interesting because you’re not going to get 400 photos from your cousins bar mitzvah. I’ve been using it pretty nonstop for the past week and you can see some of my images above. The final reason you need this is that it’s free.

Instagram is still growing though. To view all of your photos you have to look on your iPhone, there’s no user repository, so it’s a bit hard to share with people. That said this is an amazing company coming up with some great ideas, I’m looking to seeing where they go with it.

Also, if you care to add me you can find me under ‘thefoxisblack’.


October 15, 2010