Emilie Faïf

As I was preparing this post, one of my friends looked over my shoulder and commented that I have a penchant for weird things. Although this is possibly a keen observation, I would not personally describe the textile sculptures and installations by French visual artist Emilie Faïf as “weird,” but as magically surreal. Her work is seductive in its tactility and dreamy in concept, such as the sculpture that portrays the architectural cartography of Paris and New York. There are resonances of Claes Oldenburg’s soft sculptures; however, Faïf’s work possesses a more abstract and feminine feel. Utilising floral fabrics, she constructs art pieces that suggest the form of an object, but leave the final imagining to the viewer. It is this ambiguity (or “weirdness”) that definitely makes her work so fascinating.


October 15, 2010