D.I.W.S.W.T.T.D. by Serena-Maneesh, Directed by Kristoffer Borgli

Where do I start with this music video… Well, it’s for the band Serena-Maneesh and their song D.I.W.S.W.T.T.D. The video was directed by Kristoffer Borgli, whom you might remember for his video for Casiokids and their song En Vill Hest. Now to talk about the video. It’s really weird and slightly disturbing and I think could potentially piss people off, so I asked Kristoffer about it because it’s still extremely well done.

The inspiration came from an extremely odd source, the Heaven’s Gate cult that committed suicide when the Comet Hale-Bopp was at its brightest. I was familiar with what happened because I’ve grown up in California all my life, but Kristoffer is Norwegian and lives in Oslo, so it was kind of weird that he knew about what happened. It turns out he just recently found out about the group and it inspired him in an odd way. The way I see the video is that a young couple believes that aliens exist, and they think their neighbor might be one. So they kidnap him in order to try and meet more aliens. Pretty weird, huh? But that’s why I think it’s so awesome.


October 14, 2010