‘A Necessary Ruin’ by Evan Mather

A forgotten future was hidden in plain sight from filmmaker Evan Mather until he went hunting for it in his hometown, Baton Rouge. He was surprised when he found what was left of the Union Tank Car Dome, a geodesic dome designed by Buckmister Fuller: “this was supposed to be a world famous piece of architecture and here it was, a genuine ruin, rusting away in the wilderness.”

At the time of it’s completion, the geodesic structure featured the largest free-span in the world. Within the 384-foot-diameter dome, a giant turntable sorted and shuffled rail cars until the standard size of rail cars changed and the turntable didn’t. For decades the unmaintained dome served as storage, and it was razed in 2007.

And now you can stream Evan’s movie about the structure’s realization and demolition.

October 14, 2010