Yoshitomo Nara’s ‘Ceramic Works’ at Tomio Koyama Gallery

I’ve been complaining a lot lately about people’s obsession with the old. I’m tired of seeing vintage penguin book covers or old found type on every blog I go to. This isn’t in any way a judgement, if anything my personal aesthetic is changing and I’m craving things which are “new”. When I say “new” though, it’s a very vague and open meaning that mostly makes sense only to me.

These new ceramic pieces by Yoshitomo Nara is a great example. Ceramics are obviously an age old medium, datig back to 29,000–25,000 BCE. But even if the medium is old it doesn’t mean it can’t be reinvented into something new. See where I’m going with this? I guess for the last year Yoshitomo San has been studying ceramics at the Shigatraki Ceramic Cultural Park, honing his craft and creating these amazing pieces. I think it’s wonderful to see his ideas being displayed in three dimensions instead of two and that he’s still exploring creatively.

You can see more of the photos from the show over on Arrested Motion.

Found through Andrea Inspired


October 13, 2010