Luke Twigger

I find it amazing how much new work I find through Twitter. Since people add me pretty frequently it’s incredibly easy to be really creepy and see what neat things people are up to. Take for example Luke Twigger, a British artist who has an affinity for shifting the idea of what ceramics should behave.

The two images at top are from his project BC-1170 diamond (audio enhancer) and the rest are from his iPod dock series. In these series he was trying “to push, in some people’s opinion, unnecessary form onto an object that exists purely to perform it’s required function.”

In his own words:

I wanted to work in a way that was similar to the 17th C. porcelain factories, where they would add so much onto a vase, it’s basic, utilitarian purpose ceases and the object transcends original notions of function and its primary responsibility shifts to become even more purposeful, socially, demographically and aesthetically.

I love his work because, honestly, it’s ridiculous. No one is doing anything like this and I love it. It’s ornamental but functional. It’s over the top in a sense but still aesthetically pleasing in that tchotchke from your grandparent’s attic kind of way. Is it art or are they long lost knick knacks that happen to hook up to your modern day technology? Great work, Luke.


October 12, 2010