Lecture Posters, 2010

Archinect has gathered lecture posters from various Architecture Schools. Just for you. Two of my favorite posters are above; one features the Guaranty Building (designed by Louis Sullivan of “form follows function” fame) rendered in what looks like legos… and the other is a poster of clustered type. Los Angelenos may wonder where the Sci-Arc or UCLA posters are, but you can still check each of their websites here and here for lecture information. You should go.

Also missing is a poster from Yale SOA. (The poster is hiding here on Pentagrams website) If you follow Pentagram on twitter, you may have seen a tweet today that Sean John ripped off a poster designed by Marian Bantjes for the Yale SOA lecture series in 2007. This isn’t the first time that Combs’ brand has been accused of borrowing good ideas to produce things that stink.

Maybe in three years we’ll see a brand emerge from an unlikely fashion designer, like Snooki, that rips off one the posters above. “What? I just wanted to borrow it, and then sell it for money.”


October 12, 2010