Sleeping Out of the Box

When I first read the cover page for Sleeping Out of the Box, a chic guesthouse based in Ghent, I thought that it read “experience young designers in a guesthouse.” What?! I was particularly flummoxed when I then read, “It’s YOUR chance to see, feel, taste and love their work in a real-life context!” Oh my! I immediately had visions of a minimalist bordello filled with down-on-their luck designers at the mercy of a nasty design pimp. Once I got over my momentary bout of dyslexia I realised that it actually reads, “experience young design in a guesthouse.” Now that’s more like it.

The guesthouse includes a studio, which changes design direction every three months to feature the work of a different creative, and a flat, designed by Maison Caro in collaboration with other creatives. The overall aesthetic is clean, crisp with a touch of whimsy. In short, I desperately want to stay here, especially because that chair says it already likes me. What fine taste!


October 8, 2010