Tatooine by ericpowerup

Forget Star Wars 3-D, paper animations are a labor of love. Eric Power, creator of the above video, loves to animate video games, but he may have out-nerded himself with a paper animation condensing the Star Wars trilogy into a 2:40 video. It’s actually a music video for Jeremy Messersmith, but the animation could easily stand alone. Jeremy actually has a brilliant way of describing the video and his opinion about the 3-D remake:

“Unfortunately, George Lucas (in a fate worse than Darth Vader’s) is in the horrible place of having had all of his dreams come true. Now he has total creative control of whatever he wants to do, hence Star Wars in 3D.  [Eric and I] are both OT (that’s original trilogy) fanboys so I made a lo-fi song and he made a very 2D music video.”

But the point isn’t to criticize George Lucas, it’s to share the paper animation.


October 7, 2010