Brand RMX featuring Jeff Staple

If you need a bit of inspiration today might I suggest this video by R+I Creative who interviewed Jeff Staple for their Brand RMX series. If you’re not familiar Jeff is an amazingly creative guy who runs Staple Design, a creative company that’s worked with companies like Nike and Kia and a thousand other brands. He also has his own shop and annex in New York called The Reed Space which sells all kinds of great stuff (see my post about it here).

Jeff is one of those guys that’s done a lot of things right in his life, or perhaps, learned from all the things he did wrong. As he says a lot in the video he’s not perfect, nothing he does is perfect and it’s nothing you can, nor should you be able to achieve it. I also like how he talks about the unimportance of what he does, if say, you look at the big picture. Anyhow, lots of good advice from a brilliant mind.


P.S. Be sure to check out R+I Creative’s upcoming documentary Influencers, “that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends/ideas become contagious today in music and fashion.”

October 7, 2010