Katharina Trudzinski

Berlin-based sculptor and painter Katharina Trudzinski creates pieces that defy logic and speak directly to the viewer’s senses. When I look at Trudzinski’s installations I find that I am unable to intellectualise or make sense of her work, and instead get lost in her intriguing use of space and form. Trained in textile design, this disciplinary background can be seen in her manipulation of pattern, colour and texture, as well as the tactile approach to her art practice. However, rather than using fabric and thread, Trudzinski  knits and weaves with objects such as wood and paddle pop sticks to produce her unique surface patterning effect. According to a recent interview with Sight Unseen, Trudzinski utilises a vast array of reclaimed and found materials, claiming that “It’s not my intent that the materials should be cheap, I just like to use things that are around me…I like to start with what I’ve got.” Not a bad philosophy, I’d say.


October 6, 2010